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Website Blogging Strategy in Vero Beach FL

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Website Blogging Strategy in Vero Beach FL

The following is an email that was written to a client that had questions about our blogging strategy and methodology.

Blogging is a Science & an Art Form in Vero Beach, FL

I appreciate your input on our most recent blog post for your website. Here’s an overview of the blogging strategy we use. It is by far the most popular methodology used today.

The primary purpose of blogging is to establish the authority and credibility of the firm online. In general, Google uses the sum total of meaningful and informative website content to establish business credibility. We also hope that the content will attract traffic based on keyword searches. Keep in mind that generally very few people will ever read any of this material. That said you still must have it on the website to establish the firm’s authority in their field.

Blogging Factors to Consider

  • The audience is Google first and the reader second.
  • The blog needs to be at least 300 words but no more than 500.
  • It should answer a question the reader may have. We don’t want to give too much information. We want an inbound phone call and our readers are not generally sophisticated.
  • The blog needs to be keyword and related keyword phrase focused.
  • Google wants content that is worth spending some time reading.
  • The content needs to be written on the 8th-grade level or lower.
  • The copy needs to be original.
  • For SEO purposes we need to avoid any kind of overt sales pitch.

Planning and Writing a Blog Post in Vero Beach, FL

We write about general topics that the potential client has an interest in. We know what these are from keyword research. The writer does research to determine the top points they feel are most informative for the reader. Remember the reader usually has only a very general knowledge of the subject. We test each blog to be sure there is no duplicate content that can be found on the internet. We want the firm to be the authority on the topic. We’d rather not direct the reader to another source that will cause them to leave the website. For the most part, the information is generally available in the public domain. If we have a topic that is very unique or newsworthy we may attribute the source.

On a blog like this one, we want the reader to feel the firm is credible on the topic. A good way to think about this is to imagine we are writing a book about family and criminal law and each blog is a different chapter. In this case, the typical reader is reading at the 8th-grade level or below.

Building an inventory of general information blogs is an SEO blocking and tackling in the trenches activity.  It isn’t pretty but can be very effective.

If we want something more targeted to Susan individually the best way to do that is to tell a story through case studies that can be longer or a white paper. Video works well too. Remember also, we have some cost constraints to work with.

If you feel differently about the process we can write your blogs any way you would like to have them.  But, we strongly advise we stick to the strategy above.

We hope this blogging information is helpful.

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