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Content marketing is a-changing

Content marketing is a-changing

Over the past 10 years, our approach to creating websites and blog copy has changed radically.  It started with the Google Panda algorithm update on February 23, 2011. There have been a multitude of updates since then that have pushed the change forward rapidly.

Google’s philosophy has always been to provide an excellent user experience.  They continue to tinker with the elements you see on the search results page and on the technology that drives the search engine functionality.  With artificial intelligence, the algorithm is getting smarter and smarter, faster and faster.  

A smarter algorithm needs less information to do its job.

Because the algorithm is getting smarter it can glean the topic and the intent of the website and individual pages using the context of the content words. There is far less reliance on the use of specific keywords.  

Now we don’t have to create awkward content copy with keywords that rendered a page virtually unreadable.  With this change the search engines want us to write better, more readable copy about our services that are more likely to be read by our visitors.  Google knows if your content is being read by the time spent on the page and on the website. Sneaky. 

Algorithm Rewards

With the change, the natural progression has been for the algorithm to give a higher reward for content copy that is informative and enjoyable to read.  The content must focus on the reader and the general things they want to know in the early stages of their shopping or research. The last thing we want to do is overwhelm them and have them leave the website and this can happen fast.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when creating a content copy: 

  1. Use shorter words, avoid technical terms and jargon 
  2. Shorter sentences and paragraphs
  3. Use headings and subheading to tip off the reader about what’s coming
  4. Focus on the topic not the keywords 
  5. Write for a 7th grader 
  6. Make it long enough to cover the topic and no longer 300 to 500 words 
  7. Place links to related pages with more detail within the copy on the page so folks can get more detail if they want it  
  8. Make it readable 

If we can be of additional assistance please give us a call at 772-567-6768.  We offer a free no-obligation analysis of your Internet presence. Once that’s done we can tell you what you should do next to improve the productivity of your website. 

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