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Death at the Door – Pandemic

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Death at the Door – Pandemic

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A friend of mine sent me a link to this article https://wapo.st/2QVb7M9 titled “Anything Good I Could Say About This Would be a Lie. ” You’ll need a Washington Post subscription to read the article.  If you don’t have one here is the gist of the story.  This is about a man who’s wife worked in a job that required her to be in public places where she could easily be exposed to COVID-19 virus.  She comes home one day feeling a little sick. A day later she asked her husband to take her to the emergency room. 5 days after that she was dead.  Three days before her death she is diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus and he is told he can no longer see her he cannot say goodbye.  Worse yet days after her death he has no idea where her body is.

This isn’t a fun new reality show with host Donald Trump giving away a prize to the contestant that does the best job of kissing his ass.  Though I’m sure millions would watch this.

To be blunt death is at the door.  The threat is significant and the preventative protocol is for us to say home and entertain ourselves.  This seems totally ridiculous, right?  The simple solution minimizes the seriousness of the disease.  We all need to be serious about this it’s not fake news or a hokes, it’s not a conspiracy made up by the press or the Democrats.  It’s real and each of us can play a significant role in limiting the number of loves ones that have to die alone in an ICU.  All we need to do is stay home and entertain ourselves. It’s ridiculous but powerful.