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What is the Purpose for a Blog in Vero Beach, FL

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What is the Purpose for a Blog in Vero Beach, FL

The Purpose of a Blog

Questions from a Client Architectural Firm:

How important is this blog content within the relevance to our company?  And ultimately, how many people are really going to see this?


Great questions, the purpose, and intent of a blog post are often misconstrued.  The purpose of your core website pages is to sell yourself and inform your potential clients about your specific services and company attributes.  These pages are all about your company.  
The blog is intended to be informational in a more general sense.  Most often we want to answer common questions potential buyers typically ask about your service or industry.  We write these to indicate to Google that your company is knowledgeable and has expertise in your business category and that your website can be considered a good source of information about your business category.  It’s very similar to why Professors have to publish papers to prove their credibility in their academic community.  Blogs are intended to establish your general knowledge of your craft.   The caveat is they should be written for the consumer and technical terms should be avoided if possible.  We don’t want to get too deep in the weeds. 
Titles tend to focus on “Did You Know that …….”  “10 Reasons you Should………”  “What’s new with…….”.  “Building a house? Have you considered this…………”  They should be informative articles.  At the start, we base the topic selections on the terms and topics that are most searched on Google.  We have that information and we look to see what other companies are writing. This is usually a good guide to creating relevant blog material.
We are finding that keeping blogs short and well-focused on the topic works best with Google.  Unless it is a topic that absolutely requires more words to adequately cover.  Adding superfluous words to increase the length of the article is frowned upon by Google and the reader.  We shoot for 300 or so words unless the topic requires more. 
Blog Readers
Readership will come from two sources.  Typically serious prospects will read a lot of your website before making a decision. The average visitor will only visit 2 pages. The blog section is intended to ease the prospect’s concerns regarding your knowledge and experience. Still, the content is not often read by even these folks but it is important they see it is on the website. 
The second source of readers is people that are searching the Internet when doing general research.  They type in a question like “Why should I hire an architect to remodel my house?”  We want to be able to answer this question in a general way.  Once again the number of readers will be sparse in a small market like Vero Beach.  Given your audience, your content quality should be on the top end of good enough for the typical consumer. 
In the end, we’re doing 80% of this work to impress Google and to help the algorithm think your firm is the best firm in the county.  Google is still just a computer and it really only knows what we tell it.  The blog is one of the ways we deliver that information.