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Responsive Website

Imaging trying to read a newspaper story printed on a postage stamp. Having a responsive website means this will not happen to your mobile visitors.

Competitor Research

If you are about to run a race it’s important to understand your competitors strategy, strengths and weaknesses. This is critical online as well.

Keyword Research

Knowing the keywords your potential visitors are using to find your services in critical. Otherwise your searches may never find your company online.

Google My Business

Your Google My Business page is the holy grail in digital market. The search engines consider this listing to be the most accurate information for your company. We need to get it right.

On-Website Optimization

Your web developer probably told you your site is “optimized” for search results. There are various stages of “optimization”. We take your site to the next level.

Blog Posting

This is like writing a series of book reports that answer the most important questions about your business category and your company. This is how you build your online credibility.

50 Top Local Directory Citations

It’s important for the search engines to find your businesses on the most important and credible local directories and your listings need to be 100% accurate. We’ll get all this straightened out.

Social Media Posting

Is a way to help your market get to know you and your business. It a way to establish a relationships with people that have an interest in the latest and greatest about your company and industry.

Video Creation & Posting

For small business video can be the most effective way to showcase your company online. We suggest you share your in depth knowledge and experience on video. No medium does it better than video.

Category-Specific Citations

You have your top 50 citations but we’re not done. The next step is to get you listed on as many industry specific directories as possible. Frankly it’s never done. We keep the flow going.


Email is still the most cost effective way to promote your business online. Contrary to general belief is still works. We read more email because of smartphones. We help build your list.


Companies invest more money in online advertising than any other channel. This is not isolated to large businesses. Small business can benefit from the power of digital advertising. It’s important.

Custom Reporting

We manage the things we measure. It’s important to measure the right things to be successful. It’s always best to match your tracking system to your goals. It helps us focus and do the right things.