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Branding, Strategy, Message, Marketing, and Revenue

You Get One Chance To Make A First Impression

Why is your website essential?  Because if your company can’t be found on the Internet and impress potential customers, your company doesn’t exist outside your existing sphere of influence. Enhancing your website and online presence opens up a world of opportunity for success and achieving your business and life goals.

The key is that you only have one chance to make a first impression. The Web Wise Guys will help you make a great first impression every time your website is displayed.

Creating a beautiful, technically sound, and well-promoted website will do two things to drive the success of your business or organization. The first is being found in a keyword search for your specific services. Second, your beautiful website will add credibility to your business and motivate new and existing customers to choose you over competitors.

The simple truth is that if you have a dated or no website, you don’t really exist as part of the online community. You would be surprised how many businesses fall into this category. Typically, these businesses have difficulty gaining a foothold that would help them grow and thrive in their communities.

Here’s the good news The Web Wise Guy offers a free website and Internet presence analysis and cost quote to create a new website with an option to promote your website online.

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Experience The Magic Of The WordPress Website Platform

Your new website will be created using the WordPress software platform.  WordPress is the most popular website construction software in the world.  It is used by small businesses as well as multi-national corporations and organizations. WordPress offers a full complement of functionality and design options that competitors just can’t match. There are no compromises when you choose WordPress.

There’s more, if you’re a DIY person we can teach you how to easily make changes to our website yourself.  WordPress has a user-friendly dashboard that will allow you to update content, add pages, change headlines, add images, and more.  Not a DIY person we’re happy to make small updates to your site as part of your monthly hosting fee.

Does All Of This Sound Expensive?  It’s Not!

A typical website for a small business or organization can be built and launched for less than $500 per year over the typical 5-year lifespan of a website.  Your website is an essential asset for your business, not an expense.


First, we’re seasoned business people who pay as much attention to your website’s business case (ROI) as we do the design and functionality of your website. In our opinion, the two can’t be separated.  The fact is that your website has to make you money. To do that, it has to be structured and presented to motivate action and tell your visitor how you’re different and why you’re the best choice in the market.

We’ve been doing this in Vero Beach, Florida, since 2009. We can design and build your website and provide Search Engine Optimization, Google Advertising, and social media services as well as Brand consulting and messaging help.

We’ll make you proud to be part of your own company. Click here to contact us today.

Branding, Strategy, Message, Marketing, and Revenue

Words make a difference when it comes to marketing your business.  What specific words, phrases, headlines, and taglines best represent the unique nature of your business and products?  How often have you tried and failed to create the language that tells the world that your company is different and better?

We can help you determine what qualities make your brand different and unique. We’ll then convert these facts and concepts into language, designs, and images that get people excited about working with you. We’ll create and integrate original words and concepts into your new website at a small additional cost.  We promise it will be worth it.

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